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How to Avoid Construction Disasters?

Construction mistakes can cost you a bundle in time and money.

CEO- Do you have 100 or more hours to waste?

As the CEO, you know time is your most precious commodity. But expanding your company is important so you take time to find an architect who delivers a great design so you can get back to work. Correct?

Not so fast, the journey (sometimes the nightmare) is just beginning.

It turns out, even a small construction project can easily eat-up 100 hours or more of your time. Can you imagine what kind of impact that will have on your business?

Here are some questions to consider when taking on a construction project:

How much do you really know about construction?

Do you have the skills and time to manage multiple parties (architect, general contractor and other providers such as interior design, furniture, phone and data)?

Pre-construction questions

  • How do I select the architect and design team?
  • How do I find the right contractor?
  • When do I know how much everything will cost?
  • When can I expect to move in?
  • What is required for a building permit and how long will it take?
  • Are my plans really 100% complete and ready for bidding?
  • Am I vulnerable for a variety of change orders that will add unexpected costs?
  • Should I buy a building or lease a space?
  • Are the existing utilities adequate?

How about when the project is underway:

  • Is this request for additional money valid? Why should I pay more money?
  • Whose fault is it for these added costs?
  • Why is my job over budget?
  • Why is my job behind schedule?
  • Why wasn’t this particular item not shown on the original plans?
  • Why can’t the contractor build what is on the drawings?
  • The architect and team are the experts. Why should I suffer?
  • The engineer should have looked above the ceilings and on the roof during their design.

There is an endless number of other questions and issues that can arise during your construction project. When you use the Design / Build approach you have one vendor who takes care of all the headaches for you. They ensure you get the construction project done right, on budget and on schedule.

Be a Smart CEO and ask yourself: Why not spend my valuable time growing my business and turn the whole responsibility over to a qualified Design / Build Contractor.

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